The Power of Starting Small

Humans are incredibly complex because we all have unique experiences and personalities that form our perspectives about the world we live in. One thing most of us have in common is the desire to achieve personal or professional goals that we believe give greater meaning to our lives. Why is it then, that we so often fail when attempting to achieve goals that are so important to us in the beginning? I believe in our initial excitement and energy that comes with forming a new goal, we set the expectations too high, and when we fail to achieve milestones, we feel the power of defeat and throw out the goal altogether.

I’m an incredibly ambitious individual and as a result, many times my goals outrun reality or cause conflicts with important commitments (like being a husband and father). Over time I’ve learned to assess the goal up front to: 1. Determine if the goal holds enough personal value to dedicate time to because it means pulling time away from prior goals. 2. Focus on the first milestone, not the last. This method has been incredibly powerful in achieving goals but has also helped me improve the relationships that suffered when I was trying to achieve huge goals that took time away from those relationships.

This initial post is to introduce Start Small at a high level. I’ve developed the Start Small method through many personal trials that caused a lot of pain so to help you achieve your goals without the pain, I’ll be writing about specific examples in the future and I hope you’ll follow along, it’s going to be powerful.


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